The mission of NobleMotion Dance is to create work that is emotionally daring and honest; inspires discourse and understanding amongst diverse communities; and integrates dance, theater and technology in unique ways.


By following this mission, NMD has exploded onto the Houston dance scene and become an integral and respected part of the dance community. The primary goals of NobleMotion Dance include:


  • Developing a creative body of work that is guided by the mission of NMD

  • Educating audiences in various communities about the performing art of dance through touring, master classes, post-show discussions and open rehearsals

  • Providing work for dance artists through residency and performance opportunities

  • Collaborating with other artists including, but not limited to, musicians, lighting designers, costume designers, set designers, filmmakers and other choreographers

  • Offering teaching and choreographic residencies at festivals, colleges/universities and in other public or private settings


NMD aspires to make distinctive work that is both satisfying to the most existential art minds while also being accessible and compelling to the general public. NMD strives to create a total theater experience. What makes us entirely unique is that a large component of our work integrates technology into live dance performances. This submerses the audience into new worlds, allowing them to see dance in a different way. Additionally, NMD pursues cross-disciplinary collaborations with talented artists from other fields allowing us to continue pushing our boundaries as artists and propels the art form of dance forward.