Meet the Dancers

NobleMotion Dance works with a strong group of talented, creative dancers who each bring their own unique voice to the choreographic process. Andy and Dionne Noble are interested in working with dancers who bring passion and big hearted ferociousness to the stage as well as subtlety and restraint. Many of the current dancers have been trained by the Nobles, and Andy and Dionne feel fortunate to be able to provide consistent performing opportunities to this amazing set of dance artists.

“Within Houston’s world of contemporary dance, these are among the best dancers the community has to offer. Suffice to say, the dancing is topnotch.” ~ Dance Source Houston – 2012 Review of Spitting Ether by Neil Ellis Orts

 Who are they?

  • Well-Versed Dancers of varying styles

  • Brilliant Movement Makers

  • Dynamic Performers

  • Compelling Actors

  • Experienced Collaborators

  • Top Notch Teachers

  • Gifted Choregraphers

“My orginal inspiration to work with the company was because the work is both satisfying as a dancer and an audience member. However, my love for the company grew once inside the rehearsal process. NMD has created a strong family environment with a level of trust that exists inside everyone involved in the process. It is always a collaborative experience with crazy ideas, exciting movement, and of course a lot of laughter.”

Danielle Garza

“You never know what you’ll be asked to do with NMD, which keeps things interesting. I’ve danced on a rock, with a lampshade on my head, in darkness, ash, water, wind, and with a Styrofoam board taller than me. I love NMD because there are no limits to the creative minds of its dancers, choreographers, and directors.”

Travis Prokop

“I love NobleMotion because all of the work is both artistic AND accessible. I think it is very rare to find work that fits into both of those categories, especially within Modern dance. I also love the spectacle of our more technology driven work. I can remember the first time seeing Photo Box D and being completely overwhelmed by the magic of that piece.”

Seth McPhail