About NobleMotion Dance

NobleMotion Dance is one of Texas’s premier contemporary dance companies and has received critical acclaim for their “extraordinary athleticism” and “cutting edge” programming. Located in downtown Houston, NMD is a Resident Incubator at the Houston Arts Alliance and is currently on the TCA Touring Roster. The company’s season consists of three Houston productions a year and regular tours to New York City. NMD employs two choreographers, two light and technology artists, and ten or more dancers of varying styles from culturally diverse backgrounds. The Company offers a broad repertory and remains focused on creating new work—work that lives close the nerves. NMD’s mission of integrating technology, theater and dance is unique to this region.

NobleMotion Dance accolades include over 30 positive local and national reviews and is described as one of Houston’s “A-list” dance companies in Dance Magazine. The Houston Press awarded NobleMotion Dance “Best Dance Company.” NMD tours nationally and has been invited to perform by numerous organizations including The Dance Gallery Festival in New York City, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, and the American College Dance Festival to name a few. The 2011 collaborative evening with light artist Jeremy Choate was deemed by Houston critic Theodore Bale as “the dance event to see this season.” Critic Nancy Wozny listed Photo Box D as one of the best works of 2010 and hailed NobleMotion Dance as “the new troupe to watch.”

NMD’s mission is to make work that is emotionally daring and honest; inspires discourse and understanding amongst diverse communities; and integrates dance, theater, and technology in unique ways. By following this mission, NMD has become an integral and respected part of the Texas dance community. The primary goals of NobleMotion Dance include the following.

Building a Body of Work

Developing a creative body of work that is guided by the mission of NMD

Audience Engagement

Engaging audiences in various communities about the performing art of dance through touring, master classes, post show discussions, and open rehearsals

Keep Dancers Working

Providing work for professional dance artists through residency, teaching, and performance opportunities

Inventive Collaborations

Collaborating with other artists and agencies to broaden the impact of dance in our community

Educational Outreach

Offering teaching and choreographic residencies at festivals, colleges/universities, K-12 educational centers and other public or private settings

Well-managed Business

Create a clear legacy of talent, civic pride, and artistic accomplishments

What sets us apart

NMD aspires to make distinctive work that is both satisfying to the most existential art minds while also being accessible and compelling to the general public. NMD strives to create a total theater experience. What makes us entirely unique is that a large component of our work integrates technology into live dance performances. This submerses the audience into new worlds, allowing them to see dance in a different way.

The work of NobleMotion Dance is relevant in that it establishes, cultivates, and promotes greater public appreciation of dance through the creation and performance of innovative dance works. The development of these dance works involves collaborative efforts of highly talented artists from a variety of disciplines. This process allows for a deeper level of engagement in the creative process and shared experience of problem solving. NobleMotion’s team of creators investigates current trends in technology and discovers ways to integrate the research into dance in a way that it connects both the art and the technology to the human condition.

The Company

Andy and Dionne Noble
Co-Artistic Directors

Hector Perez
Executive Director

David J Deveau
Resident Lighting Designer/Technical Director

Amberly Altamirano
NMD2 Programming Director

Lori Guerin
Administrative Assistant

Jaime Fruge
Director of Programming

Laura Harrell & Jesus Acosta
Summer Intensive Directors

Lynn Lane
Resident Photographer


Amberly Altamirano

Wesley Cordova

Joshua DeAlba

Victoria DeRenzo

Brittany Thetford Deveau

Jared Doster

La’Rodney Freeman

Allie Liles

Seth McPhail



Andrew Junek

Colette Miller


Board of Directors

Andy Noble – President

Dionne Sparkman Noble – Secretary

Nathan Perez – Treasurer

Kristan Ballard

Heather Davis

David J Deveau

Skip Hawkins

Doriana Pappacena-Rossi

"Pure entertainment from start to finish!" - from A&C's What We Loved & More, 2015

Claire Christine, Texas' Arts & Culture magazine

“Within Houston's world of contemporary dance, these are among the best dancers the community has to offer. Suffice to say, the dancing is topnotch.”

Neil Ellis Orts, Dance Source Houston

"Certain dances are like brilliant ruptures, and this one was without doubt the biggest of 2010"

Theodore Bale, Don't Miss List of 2011